Balancing Act
A Canadian Woman’s Financial Success Guide - 10th Anniversary Edition

Joanne Thomas Yaccato has made many mistakes. During the ’80s, like many of us, she enjoyed good economic times, running up credit cards, travelling and spending happily, and ignoring solid financial planning. Then, at the age of thirty, she woke up to discover that Mr. Right had turned into Mr. Left. She had to rely on herself to put her financial house in order. Now, a little more than a decade later, she has taken financial control of her own life and heads her own company, The Thomas Yaccato Group (formerly known as Women and Money Inc.). TYG’s goal is to educate women about money and companies about women.

Joanne says, "My mom jokes that my role in life is to fall down, bump my chin, scrape my knee, get up and write about it. Talk about a weird job description."

Though women yield considerable economic clout, they are not without challenges. Women live on average seven years longer than men and earn two thirds of what the average Canadian man earns. Women often pay a gender tax – paying 30% to 50% more for many goods and services such as haircuts and dry cleaning.

While on maternity leave, women in the paid labour force step off the career track, therefore earning lower lifetime incomes. Thus, their ability to contribute to RSPs and pension plans is greatly diminished.
Ninety percent of Canadian women will be responsible for their own financial affairs at some point in their life – often as a result of a spouse’s death or divorce. In her frank and amusing style she tackles a variety of topics.

Joanne’s Story
"Another knight on a white charger bites the dust." Our heroine, Joanne discovers men now drive Fords and need help with the car payments. Is financial planning a gender issue? You bet! How are women different than men when it comes to financial planning and investing?

The Fundamentals of Financial Planning
Joanne’s position on budgeting is one that many would consider heresy. She emphatically believes that budgets don’t work. She sees them as nervous breakdowns on paper. The importance of doing a personal balance sheet, paying yourself first, the power of compound interest, the Priority Pyramid (the world’s easiest financial road map), and the gender tax (why women pay more) are discussed.

Building a Successful Financial Plan from the Ground Up
A good financial plan means debt management and maintaining an emergency fund. It means knowing about good debt and bad, how to get out of debt, different forms of credit, credit cards and their use and abuse, credit ratings, credit bureaus and how they work. Learn about what to look for when buying and financing a home


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Joanne’s newest book, The Gender Intelligent Retailer, written with Canadian retail guru, Sean McSweeney, is now available at your favourite bookstore.
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