The Gender Intelligent Retailer

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As a lifestyle based company, Joanne's thoughts come at you like a "best friend" who's not afraid to keep you grounded. In our case, Joanne's perspective has allowed us to meet the changing needs of our customers over the years in a relevant and authentic way. The Gender Intelligent Retailer pushes the right buttons and creates dynamic conversations that make valuable differences in the retail shopping experience.

Kerri Molinaro,
President, IKEA Canada

Through engaging and direct analysis, Joanne Thomas Yaccato has drawn the line clearly for businesses -- any successful client relationship strategy must consider the unique perspectives of women. Small, medium and large organizations can benefit from her witty and poignant observations.

David I. McKay,
Group Head, Canadian Banking, RBC

Once again Joanne Thomas Yaccato has hit the mark with her new book The Gender Intelligent Retailer!  Following on the footsteps of her previous bestseller book – The 80% Minority – Joanne and her retail partner, Sean McSweeny, continue to unlock the secrets of marketing to women in an intelligent, caring, and holistic manner.   She finds a way to intertwine humourous stories, imaginative analogies, and real life examples with quantifiable and powerful advice.

Diane J. Brisebois,
President & CEO Retail Council of Canada

Joanne Thomas Yaccato has done us all a big favour. The Gender Intelligent Retailer shows us the "real" world of women consumers. By helping to open our eyes to the world we live in, the book opens the doors of opportunity. It is often difficult for old institutions first to recognize and then to react to our changed and changing demands as a society. Joanne and Sean help us see and then navigate the new world with sound insights and an eye that sees our follies and then focuses on a better way to meet the demands of the future.

Former Premier Gordon Campbell,
Province of British Columbia

Joanne has done it again...empowering not only retailers, but consumers, employers and employees with market insight we need to know, and in many cases, should have known by now. Her research and analysis is filled with practical examples that will be an eye opening read for businesses wondering why they aren't connecting with the influential female consumer. The Gender Intelligent Retailer is a recipe for success.

Mark Kelley,
CBC News: The National

Through an engaging collection of facts and stories woven together with sharp wit and humor, Joanne Thomas Yaccato provides practical guidance to awaken business leaders to s significant opportunity available in today's marketplace.  The Gender Intelligent Retailer brings to life the critical insight that transitioning to an organization that takes a holistic view inclusive of women consumers is not something you do, it is something you become. 

Kevin Regan,
Executive Vice President, Investors Group

When a woman walks into your store, she's likely already packed the kid's lunches, negotiated the need for socks with a crying toddler, organized dinner, and had a client breakfast...all before 10! If you don't make her experience as positive as possible and treat her with respect, she'll tell all her friends where not to shop. Find out the keys to success in Joanne and Sean's comprehensive, witty, and practical guide. And here's the good news: if you build it, they will come, women and men."

Anne Kothawala,
President, Canadian Newspaper Association

Most business books use a “marketing to women” lens when advising companies on the hows’ and wherefores’ of reaching women consumers. The Gender Intelligent Retailer makes quick work of that approach and nails the real business case for understanding women consumers. Using her concept of Gender Intelligence intertwined in a wonderful blend of case studies, hilarious personal anecdotes, hard core research and “news you can use”, Joanne Thomas Yaccato reveals that the real pay off for companies is simply this - make something women friendly, you make it everybody-friendly.

Amanda Ellis,
Lead Specialist, Gender and Development The World Bank Group

The Gender Intelligent Retailer provides theory and practicum – what works and doesn’t work – and quantifies it.  Thomas Yaccato and McSweeney nudge you outside your comfort zone with a holistic “gender conscious” retail approach that promises to build a loyal shopping base and keep you ahead of the pack.

Bob Kowynia,
Manager, North American Advertising & Communications, Lennox Industries

For those hoping to succeed in the coming decades, this book offers great insight into the influence with which gender sensitive initiatives benefit the retail realm.  It demonstrates how advantageous a female-friendly approach is to any contemporary business model and its subsequent bottom line.  A must read!

Rossana Di Zio Magnotta,
Chief Executive Officer and President Magnotta Winery Corporation

As a marketing researcher I am regularly asked to profile consumers to help companies create more audience focused marketing strategies.  One of the first things retailers might examine is the differences between men and women.  The challenge is that while these segments are so easy to identify they are so difficult to understand.  Gender considerations are far too often one dimensional, falling short of the comprehensive review of approach and understanding that is truly required.   Joanne’s insights provide marketers and business leaders with the path to the big picture conversations and honest reflections that researchers would like to contribute to more often. She inspires the necessary shift from a simple focus on gender targets to a whole new way of thinking that may enable powerful growth and expansion for retailers and consumer facing businesses.  

Robert Daniel,
President, Maritz Research Canada


 Make It Women Friendly
        Make It Everybody Friendly
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Joanne’s newest book, The Gender Intelligent Retailer, written with Canadian retail guru, Sean McSweeney, is now available at your favourite bookstore.
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