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The Gender Intelligent Retailer

Joanne’s newest book

The Gender Intelligent Retailer, written with Canadian retail guru, Sean McSweeney, is now available at your favourite bookstore. This book is a must for retailers, service providers, and any organization selling face-to-face to women consumers.

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The 80% Minority
Reaching the Real World of Women Consumers

Do Companies Understand women?

The Thomas Yaccato Group surveyed consumers asking this exact question. This study, the first of its kind, revealed that while women consumers control 80% of every consumer dollar spent, they feel profoundly disconnected from the very companies that are attempting to sell to them. Why? The majority of the women respondents said they weren’t taken nearly as seriously as men.

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Balancing Act:
A Canadian Woman’s Financial Success Guide - 10th Anniversary Edition

Joanne’s primary message in Balancing Act is easy to sum up: "When it comes to money, women must become the men they want to marry." This best-selling book, now in its third revision, has become a staple in bookstores and homes as the definitive guide to personal finance for women. Balancing Act achieved success instantly, selling an unprecedented 75,000 copies since it was first published. In it, Joanne shares her delightful mishaps and the wisdom she has acquired. A personal story about Joanne’s sobering and often hilarious journey into the intimidating world of personal finance as well as an indispensable financial guide, Balancing Act delivers candid and clear advice on how every woman can take control of her financial future. Balancing Act is a must read for women of all ages.

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“This book has certainly stood the test of time. Its teachings can help any woman who applies them to achieve her financial dreams. Outstanding!”

David Chilton,
Author of The Wealthy Barber.

“Reading her book is like chatting with a good friend over your kitchen table – a practical, realistic, no-baloney kind of friend.”

Margaret Wente,
Globe and Mail columnist.

Raising Your Business:
A Canadian Woman’s Guide to Entrepreneurship

Nominated for the 1999 National Business Book Award and named one of the hottest business books by Profit magazine, Raising Your Business brings Joanne Thomas Yaccato back to give you the straight goods on making it as an entrepreneur in Canada.

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"Joanne has done it again. Her crack-me-up humour, Paula’s practical business advice, and the shared experience of real women business owners make this book a winner. Raising Your Business is a must-read for any woman either thinking about starting a business or in the first five years of owning one."

Barbara Caldwell
National Chair
Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards



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