Raising Your Business
A Canadian Woman’s Guide to Entrepreneurship

The long-awaited follow-up from Joanne Thomas Yaccato, the best-selling author of Balancing Act: A Canadian Woman’s Financial Success Guide, is available at bookstores everywhere. With the help of accountant and business advisor Paula Jubinville – whose specializes in assisting women entrepreneurs – Joanne has written the ultimate how-to guide for woman entrepreneurs based on her own real-life experience. Two years after Joanne’s business started, her daughter. Kate, was born. Joanne was struck by the profound similarities between raising her daughter and raising her business. She also realized that many books packed with business advice were useless because of the nature of the life cycle of a business. Business issues like technology, human resources and financing are very different for a newborn business in its first year than they are for a toddler business, age 2 to 5.

Raising Your Business is the only book of its kind to offer practical advice based on this life cycle. It starts with the conception process of developing a business idea, how to give birth to the business, the trials and tribulations of the first year and, finally, the growth issues of the toddler years. Joanne and Paula also debunk the common myths about female business owners. For example, a recent highly promoted thesis that women business owners are afraid of success is, according to these two experts, patently absurd – women entrepreneurs are ready to make it happen, ready to embrace challenges and ready to carve out their own place in the business world.

In its "how-to" as well as "how-it-is" format, Raising Your Business is filled with personal stories and amusing anecdotes, and is crammed with:

Technical advice and emotional honesty
the inside track on life as a woman entrepreneur (Think you get to hang out in your pajamas every day? Think again!)

First-hand accounts from Canadian women making it as entrepreneurs today
Straight talk on the pros and cons of growth, business plans, partnership or going alone, incorporating, buying a business, franchising, home-based business, hiring and firing, and getting financing through banks, angels, or venture capital.

Personal experiences on achieving spiritual, emotional and physical balance
No other business book so accurately reflects women’s lives as entrepreneurs. Part entertaining personal story, part comprehensive success manual, this book is the definitive guide not only to starting a business in Canada, but also to ensuring that it will prosper.

The pundits agree – this is one business book every Canadian woman should read. Chosen by The Globe and Mail as one of the "best bets for your autumn book-buying binge" and a guaranteed great read, Raising Your Business is an essential resource for anyone who wants to run her own show.


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